Midwest Aeroseal

Get the most out of your heating & air system.

Simple Comfort, Guaranteed

Every day 20 – 30% of the air in your home or businesses ventilation system is lost through the cracks, joints and micro-fissures in your air ducts. Those little holes turn into a big problem, affecting the air that you breath and causing your heating & air system to work harder than it needs to. Inconsistent heating, cold spots and high energy bills are often the direct result of leaky ductwork and ventilation shafts. Worse still, the same gaps and crevices allow contaminated air back into the ventilation system, resulting in unwanted dust, allergens and pollutants being circulated back through your residence or building.

The Solution: Midwest Aeroseal

Our innovative service allows for the quick and effective sealing of all inefficient ducts, joints and shafts from the inside. Our non-invasive process can help you noticeably increase the level of comfort in your home or business. Using a simple and safe aerosol formula, we can dramatically reduce the amount of conditioned air lost to leaks, increasing comfort, improving air quality and limiting energy waste — with little-to-no inconvenience or clean-up — all in just a few short hours.

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