Could your commercial facility benefit from duct sealing?

How you can you know if your system is losing large amounts of energy? Although it is often difficult to be sure without testing, there are some telltale signs that you should have it checked by a professional.

Hot or Cold Spots

Inadequate Return-Side Ductwork

Unexpectedly High Utility Costs

Blind-Alley Ducts

Disconnected, Torn, or Damaged Ducts

Trouble Maintaining Desired Temperature in a Certain Area

Uninsulated Ducts in Unconditioned Spaces

Difficulty Maintaining Desired Temperatures

Leaky ducts are bad for business.

Drafty, poorly ventilated, or unevenly heated commercial building — your facility is a direct reflection of your business, it has to run right. Owners, building managers and site operators understand the fundamental need for high building performance. Energy consumption for heating & air directly affects your bottom line and the level of comfort customers and employees experience at your building.

We’ve got the smart solution.

Duct sealing offers a highly effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your commercial property. No matter what kind of duct system your building has — sheet metal, fiberglass board, or a flexible plastic-and-wire composite — Midwest Aeroseal offers a safe, cost-effective and unobtrusive service to seal the entire ventilation system while keeping disruption to regular operations as limited as possible.

Curious to learn how our simple and safe duct sealing service can help your business?

Our duct sealing technology is a non-toxic product, frequently used in public facilities such as schools and hospitals. Application requires the temporary interruption of the ventilation system to allow the duct sealing product to push through the system and seal to leaks. Typically performed in a matter of hours, Midwest Aeroseal works with building managers to limit the inconvenience of interrupting the heating and air system.

Midwest Aeroseal offers the best solution for a wide array of commercial building problems.

Cost Savings

Limiting exposures and sealing leaks saves energy — and saving energy saves you money. The savings from Midwest Aeroseal’s duct sealing process begins the moment your service is complete.

Think about your average utility bill. How much are you paying for heating, air and ventilation? Of that cost — almost half is just the energy for operating your system’s fan. New energy efficient heating & air systems can help to reach your energy consumption goals, but they require a substantial initial capital investment before recouping any energy or cash savings.

Even a low amount of duct leakage can have a big effect. The average, untreated air duct losses between 20% – 30% of conditioned air and a 20% leakage in an exhaust system can increase the energy your fan uses by as much as 95%.

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Code Compliance

Midwest Aeroseal offers the simple, proven solution for meeting and exceeding many compliance codes in significantly less time than traditional duct sealing methods.

ASHRAE guidelines, LEED certification, municipal and state building and energy codes… Project owners, engineers, architects and government officials increasingly demand stricter standards when it comes to allowable leakage and energy efficiency in new and existing commercial buildings.

Don’t guess if your efforts will help your commercial building to meet code — know with Midwest Aeroseal. Our computerized sealing system gets accurate results by measuring pre-existing leakage rate, then generating a before-and-after report.

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LEED Buildings

Our aerosol sealant has been certified compliant for low-volatile organic chemical (VOC) emissions in accordance with the latest LEED standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Significantly less invasive than traditional duct sealing methods, Midwest Aeroseal is one of the most environmentally responsible energy conservation services available.

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Our duct seal technology can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your ventilation system by targeting building leaks, eliminating hot and cold spots, and enhancing comfort throughout your facility.

Comfort matters, plain and simple. Often we don’t think even about it as consumers — we simply expect it. But the benefits of comfort extend beyond meeting the demands of the patrons of your commercial facility. The comfort of your employees and the quality of their working environment is directly tied to the success of your business. According to the U.S. department of Energy, poor ventilation is estimated to cost up to $200 billion annually in lost worker productivity and up to $128 billion in respiratory illness and other health issues. The same study stated that 50% of all illnesses are caused by poor ventilation and other indoor air quality issues. Clearly, poor ventilation is about more than just feeling comfortable and a much bigger problem than most of us realize.

The good news? Properly sealed ducts allow your ventilation system to properly remove and filter dust, allergens and other pollutants from the air in your facility — directly improving indoor air quality, comfort and health.

Still need convincing? The Department of Energy also found that student and employee absenteeism decreases by 35% when ventilation rates are increased and that improving ventilation in offices and classrooms can increase productivity by 10%. Healthier, happier and more productive employees, students and staff — now that’s something we can all feel comfortable about.

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Efficiency, Testing & Evaluation

Most people don’t recognize they have a ventilation problem until it breaks. If your building has failed a testing & balance report, leaky duct work is likely the root of the problem. Uneven airflow forces your system to work harder to draw in more unconditioned air.

Midwest Aeorseal’s duct sealing technology can find and seal all the hard-to-reach places throughout your duct work and can prevent 95% of air loss to leaks, cracks, holes and fissures.

“Finding the Aeroseal solution was a huge relief. By sealing the ventilation shafts with Aeroseal we were able to safeguard against smoke and fire risks, receive our LEED Silver energy conservation certification and ensure proper air ventilation throughout each of the dormitory suites.”

— Ruth Miller

Senior Project Manager
Ohio State University

“Aeroseal easily solved one of the biggest challenges we had. Our only other option – tearing down the walls to access the shafts – would have set the grand opening back by months and added an astronomical cost to the project. Aeroseal worked.”

— Brian Miller

General Contractor
Smoot Construction

Contact Midwest Aeroseal to schedule an assessment and visual audit of your commercial site’s ventilation system to identify potential airflow issues and provide an anticipated leakage rate.