Midwest Aeorseal is dedicated to delivering quality energy efficiency and comfort solutions to residential and commercial clients throughout the Midwest.

With over 23 years of experience in the heating & air industry, our small, family-owned team has developed a reputation for providing high quality, customer-driven service to people here in our community and in the surrounding states.

Our commitment to outstanding customer service and support has allowed us to develop strong, lasting relationships with clients and other members of our industry. Over the years, these relationships made us increasingly aware of the challenges faced by homeowners, building managers and site operators.

Rising energy costs and environmental concerns have lead to more stringent codes and requirements to underscore the increasing need for improved building performance and the opportunity for increased efficiency when it comes to the way we heat and cool our homes, offices, retail spaces and other public facilities.

New, energy-efficient furnaces or heating & air units are certainly one solution, but typically require a substantial initial investment and often the repair, renovation or replacement of existing ventilation systems. The cost of such performance improvements are simply too prohibitive.   

Our sealant is the most effective, least invasive duct sealing solution available — reducing energy consumption by as much as 30% per day for the average consumer.

Learning from other industry experts, we discovered a better solution — an innovative service that can help to dramatically increase the efficiency, comfort and air quality of any building: Sealant, which uses modern technology to apply a non-toxic aerosol product (DUCT SEAL) to the inside of existing duct work.

Now we are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients by helping them to improve their everyday comfort, identify duct leakage, and reduce energy waste. Our team is committed to providing the best possible service available while empowering others to solve their heating & air problems with a fast, easy-to-administer process, guaranteed to improve the quality of life for their employees, patrons and family members.

Did you know?

  • The amount of wasted energy in the U.S. in on year due to duct leakage: $25 billion.
  • Poor ventilation is estimated to cost up to $200 billion annually in lost worker productivity and up to $128 billion in respiratory illness and other health issues.
  • On average, 20 – 30% of conditioned air leaks out through cracks, gaps and micro-fissures in commercial and residential duct work.
  • 50% of all illnesses are caused by poor ventilation and other indoor air quality issues.
  • $0.30 of every $1 we spend on energy in the US is wasted.
  • Midwest Aeroseal’s Duct Seal technology has been proven to be over 95% effective at sealing air duct leaks.
  • 95% of all homes and residences have leaky ducts.
  • Our duct sealing technology is a non-toxic and food safe water-based product, frequently used in public facilities and hospitals
  • Midwest Aeroseal duct sealing services can typically be performed in a matter of hours, working with clients to limit inconvenience and ventilation systems service disruption.
  • Improving ventilation in offices and classrooms can increase productivity by 10%.
  • Student and employee absenteeism decreases by 35% when ventilation rates are increased.
  • Many hospitals, universities and government facilities have used sealant to improve indoor air quality, eliminate odor issues and stop the spread of germs.

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