The Duct work is pressurized, then our sealant travels through the pressurized ventilation system providing internal coverage at all joints, seams and penetrations sealing well over 95% of leaks and cracks. Our sealant is safe as it is made from the same polymers as chewing gum and baby pacifiers.

How does Midwest Aeroseal help improve airflow and save energy costs for your home or business?

Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots in Your Business or Home

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Remove Unwanted Allergens and Pollutants

Reduce Utility Bills and Meet Efficiency Guidelines

Reduce Energy Consumption and the Burden on Your Heating and Air System

The Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective Way to Improve your Home or Business

Fast and Friendly Service Delivering Immediate Noticeable Results

Heat and air conditioning flows through your duct work to every room in your building. Any leaks in your duct work force the heating & air system to be less efficient — and make your building less comfortable.

Midwest Aeroseal’s Duct Seal is the only ventilation and duct sealant technology applied from the inside of the ventilation shaft. It is delivered as a non-toxic aerosol mist that seeks out and plugs leaks.

The industry’s first alternative to traditional, manual duct sealing products. Our aerosol-based solution works from the inside of ventilation shafts to find and bond-seal targeted leaks, rather than coating the entire inside of the duct. Our simple, yet precise process ensures effective and efficient sealing of all cracks and holes in just a few hours.

Our Process

1. Pre-Project Assessment

Our courteous technicians perform a visual audit of the ventilation system to identify potential issues and provide an anticipated leakage rate.

2. Coordination and Logistics

We work with facility managers or homeowners around their busy schedule to reduce disruption, ensure safety and optimize service.

3. Application and Monitoring

Our technicians block intentional openings, establish and analyze air loss baselines and begin application of the Duct Seal aerosol within your duct system.

4. Post Service Certification

After sealing, we remove blockages, work with building managers to reactivate ventilation services, and run diagnostics to guarantee improved airflow efficiency and ventilation. Midwest Aeroseal even provides a post-seal certificate detailing the improvement of your duct ventilation and air system.

The Science Behind Midwest Aeroseal

Partially funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, Midwest Aeorseal’s Duct Seal technology was developed in 1994 by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and used widely to improve the comfort conditions, air quality and energy efficiency of homes, schools, restaurants and other public facilities around the nation for the last 25 years.

Midwest Aeroseal’s Duct Seal provides a stable, non-toxic, non-flammable emulsion of water and vinyl acetate polymer that is aerosolized into 4-10 micron-sized particles and distributed under pressure throughout the duct system. The particles deposit only at the leak sites and build to form a tenacious and tight air seal, remaining firmly in place for years while staying completely pliable and flexible. Seal remains effective over a wide range of operating pressures, temperatures and humidity levels found in residential, commercial and industrial air duct systems.