Are you getting the most out of your heating & air system?

You may think your building is as energy efficient as possible, but if your duct work has leaks then your top of the line heating & air systems can’t deliver necessary air properly. Even the most skilled technicians cannot access all sides of the duct work due to installation limitations. Luckily, Midwest Aeroseal offers a safe way to seal the entire ventilation system getting around any obstructions by sealing from the inside — with little to no disruption to your business operations.

Ensure Even Heating & Cooling in Your Box Store or Restaurant

Improve Indoor Air Quality and Remove Unwanted Allergens & Pollutants from Your Building

Reduce Utility Bills, Meet Efficiency Guidelines and Save Money

Fast and Professional Service Delivering Immediate Results

The Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective Way to Improve your Business

Reduce the Wear and Tear on Your Existing Heating & Air System

Midwest Aeroseal solves the problem without any construction or costly shutdowns.

  • Does your restaurant or box store have uneven heating and cooling?
  • Do you have trouble maintaining consistent temperatures at certain times of day?
  • Do employees complain about temperatures being either to hot or too cold?
  • Are your utility bills simply too high?

All of these problems are a sure sign of duct leakage, energy inefficiency and wasted conditioned air. Worse still, it’s compromising the comfort of your customers, the efficiency of your employees and the indoor air quality in your facility. The solution?

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Non-Invasive, Non-Toxic and Food Safe

Made from the same polymers as chewing gum and a baby’s pacifier, our patented aerosol formula seeks to bond with the holes, cracks and fissures in your ducts — sealing them from the inside. Our smart solution doesn’t coat or line your ducts, it only covers the area of the hole and leaves the rest of your ventilation system operating more efficiently. As a fast, reliable and cost-effective alternative to expensive upgrades and replacements, building owners find duct sealing to be the new standard bearer when it comes to energy savings for both new and existing box stores and restaurants.

Don’t underestimate the role duct work plays in commercial building performance.

Most people don’t even think about it, but the fact is duct leakage is one of the most significant contributors to energy waste in the U.S. today. An overwhelming majority of engineers, architects and other building professionals believe leaky ducts are a common problem that can cause energy loss in commercial buildings.

For decades, the problems associated with duct leakage in commercial buildings have typically been underestimated for one simple reason — fixing the problem has been a highly expensive and intrusive proposition. Midwest Aeroseal solves the problem without any construction or costly shutdowns. Our Duct Seal technology seals the all the holes and gaps in your building’s duct work in as little as a few hours, instantly improving the comfort level in your restaurant or store.

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