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Percentage of Air Savings: 90%

Challenges of the Project

For the general contractors that built the new $20 million Avalon elementary school it was all about the numbers. For students, teachers and the school’s administrative staff it was more about comfort. Either way, leaks in the building’s ductwork were keeping the school’s state-of-the-art geo-thermal heating system from running efficiently. Until those leaks were sealed and the contractors were able to meet system specifications, their job was not complete…office and classrooms would remain unacceptably cold through the upcoming winter months.

The prospect of manually re-sealing the ductwork was daunting. The man hours required would be cost prohibitive…and results would remain unsure. Research for an alternative solution revealed Aeroseal, an innovative approach to duct sealing developed by the U.S. Department of Energy that proved to be the ideal solution.

Solutions Provided

General Contractor: Coakley & Williams
Aeroseal Contractors: Air Duct Maids
Before Aeroseal: 3,731 CFM of leakage
After Aeroseal: 385 CFM of leakage
Results: 90% reduction of leakage.

More About This Project


Leaks Throughout Building’s Duct System Keeps State-of-the-Art Geo-Thermal System From Delivering Heat – Aeroseal Seals Leaks Without Interrupting School Operations

It took the Aeroseal team at Air Duct Maids of Northern Virginia just three days to seal the school building’s main ductwork and get the HVAC system operating to specification. Since Aeroseal seals from the inside of the ducts, finding, accessing and sealing the leaks was a simple automated process. The sealing work was accomplished in the evenings eliminating any disruption to regular school activities.

Best of all, the contractors knew that Aeroseal was working. The computerized Aeroseal system measured the leakage real-time during the quick sealing process. It then produced a final report documenting the results. Before Aeroseal, total leakage in the main duct system measured more than 3,730 CFM. After Aeroseal, that leakage rate dropped to just 385 CFM – a 90% reduction.

As a result, contractors were able to get the state-of-the-art HVAC system working as required. The students and staff are looking forward to comfortable classrooms this coming winter.